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brush by tereza

Makeup School

BMS makeup school (Brush by Tereza makeup school) is the leading edge and most influential school in the industry offering its students with carefully selected and individualised teaching techniques and the best learning equipment’s.

Do you aspire to start your own makeup artistry business? Do you need to improve your creative abilities in order to work in the Makeup industry? Do you find the thought of applying makeup for special occasions, photo sessions, fashion magazines, television, and movies exciting? If so, you’ll get along great with our teams.

Brush by Tereza

About Us

BMS makeup school (Brush by Tereza makeup school) was formally established in June of 2019 by Internationally certified makeup Artist and Instructor Tereza Solomon who received her education abroad from a critically acclaimed makeup Academy and now teaches makeup specially adapted for skin of colour of any type.


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We offer our services to any individual looking to hone their makeup skills in addition to those learning them from scratch. Here at BMS (Brush by Tereza makeup school) teaching experience is guided by our very own personalized guidebook together with in house branded makeup brushes and carefully selected teaching instruments. Through these approaches students have access to both the theoretical and practical aspects of their education. Our training also encompasses other related fields such as digital marketing and business in Makeup, photography skills, insider tips and many others. Our greatest link is that we give students the tools necessary for their growth in the makeup artistry field but encourage their creativeness and give more thought to their creative process.

Brush By Tereza

Our Studio

Our studio has the most professional equipment and the ideal environment for students to improve their creativity.